Warranty conditions


SIA IMPORT SOLUTIONS (hereinafter – the seller) provides a guarantee if the conditions mentioned in the instructions for use, cleaning and care of ECO TERRACE WPC products are observed. The warranty period for the product is 60 months from the moment of delivery of the product to the buyer;

The warranty period of 60 months is determined only if the product has been installed in accordance with the instructions specified by the seller and the installation materials approved by the seller have been used;

The product warranty is confirmed by a check or bill of repair issued upon receipt of the product. The warranty period is 60 months from the date of issue of the check or bill of repair;

During the warranty period, the damaged product is repaired or replaced with a new, similar product if its repair is not possible.

The warranty does not cover: Costs of damage to the product during the warranty period related to the transportation, removal or installation of the product.

The product, which is replaced after the warranty, does not acquire an additional warranty period, the existing warranty period continues from the date of issue of the product receipt or bill of lading for 60 months;

The warranty does not cover scratches caused by careless use and / or natural wear and tear of the product;

In accordance with Latvian legislation, the product warranty is valid from the first day of purchase of the product only if a purchase receipt or bill of lading for the purchase of the product is presented.

The manufacturer has the right to refuse warranty repair of the product if traces of unqualified repairs are visible;

The warranty does not cover the following damage to the product:

-damage caused by foreign objects, substances, liquids and insects entering the product;

-damage caused by fires, floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters;

-damage caused by the use of non-standard and / or low-quality consumables, spare parts, -components that are not approved by the manufacturer;

-damage caused by the use of the product for purposes other than those for which it was intended, as well as physical, electrical, chemical, thermal, etc. loads exceeding the strength values ​​of the product specified by the manufacturer;

Given that all the goods wear out over time, the manufacturer, in the event of a warranty, taking into account the period of time used for the goods, shall reimburse the following amount from the original value of the goods:


1-2 years – in the amount of 100%;

3 years – in the amount of 70%;

4 years – 45%;

5 years – in the amount of 25%;

6 years – in the amount of 00%;

During the warranty period, the buyer has the right to receive free consultations on the necessary maintenance of the product and operating conditions.

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