Instructions for cleaning and care of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) products.

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WPC products are made of wood-polymer composite material, which contains 70% natural wood.



WPC patio flooring requires minimal maintenance.

No painting or oiling of WPC terrace boards required!

Like other floor coverings, the new WPC flooring should be protected as good as possible from mud, sand and dirty water by means of appropriate doormat. The patio should be regularly cleaned of larger dirt, such as leaves or black earth. When doing so, do not allow dirt and large debris to enter between the boards, as this will block air circulation. If the air circulation is blocked, moisture will accumulate and mold may form. This will not harm the patio board, but in this case, mold or moisture stains should be cleaned with appropriate products with a neutral pH from 7 to 9.

Wash the terrace at least twice a year. If the terrace is under open-sky, it is advisable to wash it 4 times a year, provided that the terrace is washed once in the autumn before the start of the winter season, when it is no longer in active use, and a second time after the last snowfall, before the spring season begins.

If food spills on the terrace (oil, tea, coffee, wine, etc.), clean them immediately with water or another cleaning tool. Prolonged exposure to these products can easily tint particles on the surface of the boards. If this happens, the tinted area can be sanded with fine sandpaper, but it is not recommended to do it yourself. Seek the advice of an appropriate WPC product specialist to resolve this issue.

Never use abrasive cleaners to clean patio boards. Do not use cleaning tools that contain solvents – they may damage the top layer of the boards.

Do not use cleaning tools that form a protective layer. There is no need to wax and / or polish the floor covering – these operations are not even allowed. Further treatment of WPC floor coverings with surface coatings is neither necessary nor permissible. When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, use a nozzle for hard flooring.

In the event of major damage, one or more floorboards must be replaced by a specialist. In this case, a separate instruction is available on request. For special installation locations, such as stairs or other issues, please contact your dealer.


Felt pads must be attached under the chairs and tables, as well as under the legs of other furniture. When moving heavy furniture, it should be moved, not pushed on the floor. If chair and furniture castors are used, only W-type (soft) castors should be used.