Terrace metal (galvanized) screw pile 70*100 x 865 mm

17.83  (incl. VAT)

– Small capital investments;

– Saving time, work, material resources;

– Easy assembly;

– Significantly shortens time of creating the foundations

– No heavy equipment is required, it is possible to mount with hand-held equipment;

– Adjustable during exploitation;

– Reusable;’

– It is possible to screw in the screw piles clockwise and unscrew counterclockwise;

– Screw piles are easy to transport even in the most difficult conditions of the territory;

– It is possible to give up excavation work completely;

– Easy to install next to existing buildings, near large trees;

– Low environmental impact.

Suitable for all types of soils except rocky soils

Used where other types of foundations are not suitable: loose soils, beaches, historic sites, densely populated areas;

Possibility to mount in all seasons, even in winter

No vibrations are generated during screwing, which makes it possible to use piles in old towns and elsewhere where vibrations are undesirable.